well confiscated from the mafia, becomes an educational space

well confiscated from the mafia, becomes an educational space

Welcome to your home!” With this message of welcome , a meeting place for teenagers was opened in the presence of the Councilor for social and housing policies ‘ Vallazze26’ , but also for sharing and meeting for the educating communities and the neighborhood. The Municipality of Milan has assigned this property confiscated from the Mafia to the Associazione Cuore e Parole – committed since 2004 in preventing and combating youth distress – to make it a space for aggregation and promotion of volunteering.

“We are very satisfied with this inauguration – commented the councilor for social and housing policies Gabriele Rabaiotti – which underlines a new civil victory over the illegality of organized crime and represents the return to Milan and its inhabitants of another piece of the city that had been stolen from her. The confiscated assets are a precious resource for everyone, and it is very satisfying to see them come back to life, regaining their role as places serving the community.

Also important is the new destination, which I am convinced can be really useful for the kids, especially the neighborhood, and for their families “.

“It was a long process – explained Ivano Zoppi , president of Cuore e Parole – but we are happy to give life to a new project dedicated to children. Our goal as educators is to stay close to them and promote, through listening, those skills of empathy and respect that sometimes seem a little dormant behind the blue light screens of their smartphones. When we talk with them we discover their desire to talk about themselves and we learn to recognize that prevention passes from our capacity as responsible adults ”.

Vallazze26 will be an educational support center for schools, oratories and neighborhood networks and will initiate courses aimed at consolidating the motivation in children to overcome critical moments and fragility and the desire to be useful to others or to the city.