Top Reasons causing blocked drains in Gold Coast

Top Reasons causing blocked drains in Gold Coast

Blocked drains happening to a home in Gold Coast are always nasty. The entire household is not only inconvenienced, but it also becomes a disgusting and odorous issue for everyone.

Every homeowner in the Gold Coast will experience the nuisance of blocked drains, Gold Coast at one time in their life. Health problems are some of the serious complications brought on by ignoring the blocked drain issue.

A lot of reasons can cause blocked drains. Drains become blocked because of a heavy build-up of grease and hair or things being dropped accidentally. Knowing the top reasons for blocked drains can make you consciously aware of preventive measures.

Foreign objects

Foreign objects ranging from soap, sanitary items, toys, and food build-up accidentally dropped down the drain can result in a blockage. A lot of materials, intentional or unintentional, should never be dropped down the drain or flushed down the toilet.

The best preventive measure is to ensure that food scraps are properly disposed of instead of dropping them down the drain. Sanitary items such as tampons should never be flushed down the toilet.

Hair build-up

Drains are likely to clog up with hair build-up. Removing the hair seems to be a moderately easy way of clearing the blockage. However, a lot of problems can be caused by hair falling down the bathroom or sink drain.

Pulling out the small amounts of hair is the best way to prevent hair build-up. Drain spiders are excellent tools to extract hair from the drain. However, using chemicals or other devices to remove hair has to be carefully done to prevent major issues from happening.

Storms and heavy rain

Heavy rainfall can flood drains. The design of drains is not meant to overcome the heavy water caused by stormy weather. This is a common household problem in the Gold Coast area. The blockage needs to be cleared out whenever an overflow of rainwater happens to drains and gutters.

The build-up of leaves and other debris in gutters should be regularly cleaned to prevent drain blockage.

Grease build-up

A grease build-up is likely to happen in the kitchen sink. This is one of the common causes of blocked pipes and drains in many households. Washing down any fatty or grease substance down the drain eventually causes a build-up on the pipes. Any liquid will be unable to pass through when this happens.

Homeowners should make it a practice to never wash down any fatty substance down the drain. It’s better to collect all the grease in small bottles or plastic containers to discard later in the trash can.

Broken pipes

Wear and tear and tree roots can cause the breaking down of water pipes. Fractured pipes are highly susceptible to blockages. This is an issue that can be tough to diagnose without help from a professional plumber. The best thing to do is to call in a reputable plumber when you suspect that a fracture might have happened in the pipes.

Clearing away the blockage from drains can be a quick and easy job for experienced DIYers. However, serious problems such as broken pipes or clearing debris from the gutters require assistance from a professional plumber. When this happens, it’s better to let the experts handle the blocked drain problem to save time and stress on your part.