Sandstone Blocks

Sandstone Blocks

They are slowly becoming the preferred methods of decorating buildings by most home owners in Australia. Could it be because of their attractive patterns or their cost-intensive nature? Well, all these could be the reasons why sandstone blocks are taking over projects.

Building and landscaping are some of the common uses of sandstone blocks, especially in Australia, where many people like attractive structures. Just like any other block, these sandstone blocks are great in gardening and retaining walls. They are also generally attractive.

Besides, they add value to your home. If you are planning to sell your home, you have these sandstone blocks to make it more appealing. So next time you are planning a certain project, you have the option now.

Well, in this article, we are going to take you through some of the commonly asked questions about sandstone blocks. It is going to be interesting and of course, educational to you. So just keep on reading.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sandstone Blocks

1. Do sandstone blocks stain easily?

Well when it comes to staining, sandstone blocks are not spared. Some colour stains are very strong and can easily penetrate the blocks, causing some staining. It is good to note that you can easily prevent the staining if you deal immediately with the stain. Whenever it gets into the stone, and it is not dealt with early, the stain could be permanent. Therefore, always keep the stains and colours away from sandstone blocks.

2. Do I need to seal my sandstone blocks?

This is a matter of taste and preferences. How do you want your blocks to look? The choice is yours as far as you want to seal the blocks. They are not affected in any way by the sealing. In the process of sealing, you can also decide to use other products that make them attractive.

3. Are sandstone blocks durable?

Generally, we know that no man-made blocks or rocks can be as durable and strong as the natural ones. However, sandstone blocks are typically hard and stronger than most man-made blocks. When it comes to their durability, these blocks are more durable than most artificial alternatives in the market. If you properly take care of them, you will be surprised at their durability. 

4. What are some of the features of sandstone blocks?

We cannot discuss the sandstone blocks without digging deeper into the sandstone itself. Since sandstone blocks come from these stones, the features of sandstone directly influence the appearance of the blocks. Sandstones usually come in diverse colours, including brown, red, white, grey, and tan, among others. All these make up the blocks keeping them attractive to most homeowners.

5. Can I use sandstone inside and outside of my house?

Yes. In Australia, most offices and homes are using sandstone blocks to make their houses more attractive and valuable. When it comes to the outside, you can decide to use these sandstone blocks in your garden steps, driveways, garden paths, wall cladding, garden edging, and around your swimming pool. The beauty of these sandstone blocks is that they are not destroyed by water or affected by extremely harsh weather conditions.

If you are using them inside, they are great for cladding your walls, garden edging if you have an indoor garden, to surround the fireplace among other uses.

You can get these sandstone blocks in Australia and make your house more appealing and valuable.