Late reconstruction, towards the fourth winter

Late reconstruction, towards the fourth winter

That day three years ago the Valnerina fell prey to a violent earthquake, the most powerful recorded in our region for many centuries. No coincidence that the new governor Donatella Tesei wanted to dedicate the first official exit from president to a visit to the city of Norcia.

Pending the official proclamation at the head of the Region, 

in the city wounded by the earthquake, together with the regional councilors Donatella Porzi, Valerio Mancini and Francesca Peppucci, Tesei wanted to launch a conciliatory and hopeful message, just lowering the dust from the electoral campaign. “We have scheduled many meetings. We must all pursue the same goal. Looking for diversity in the modus operandi – said Tesei – does not always lead to the best. We must decide as quickly as possible. We must rebuild to keep these communities from failing. Reconstruction of buildings but also of a community giving hope and certainty. All united towards a single goal “.

Like every year, the Nursing community found itself in Piazza San Benedetto at 7.40 am for a moment of reflection and prayer. In the presence of the mayor, Nicola Alemanno, the archbishop of Spoleto-Norcia, Msgr. Renato Boccardo, and the monks of the Benedictine Community of Norcia. The hope of all, authorities and citizens, is that now, finally, from the many promises we can finally move on to concrete facts.


“Beyond polemics and exploitations – and we have heard so many of them especially in the last days of the electoral campaign – I would like to recall some objective data in dismissing myself as president of the Region. Three years after the earthquake, 1,591 applications were submitted for private reconstruction and, to date activities were relocated to enable them to resume their work; 531 companies, located in the municipalities most affected, they were able to take advantage of the financing of business investments thanks to the so-called ‘indirect damage’ tenders and following the 51 applications for the ‘heavy’ reconstruction of the productive activities, grants of 13,736,084 euros were granted. These are just some of the figures for reconstruction and economic recovery.