Five ways you can decorate pergolas

Five ways you can decorate pergolas

Summer days call for enjoying yourself sitting under the pergolas and enjoying quality time. Whether you choose to spend this time alone or with loved ones, adding some aesthetics to the pergolas can take the look of your outdoor space to a whole new level. Also it is not necessary to make expensive investments. Some of these ideas are pretty much simple and easy to implement. Read the following tip from pergola builders in Adelaide to improve the look of your outdoor area.

Tips from pergola builders in Adelaide to improve your outdoor living space

These are a few interesting ways for decorating pergolas:

Adding curtains

Curtains can completely alter the look of your outdoor area. Imagine pretty net or lace curtains draped over the pergolas to give a soft and ethereal look. It can create a beautiful and fancy look without having to break the bank. Choose white for a fairytale appeal or you can go all dark with jewel colored drapes. Keep the material soft and flowing for a more aesthetic look.

String some fairy lights around the pergola

Twinkling fairy lights under the dark night sky can completely change the way your outdoor area looks. It can serve as a great place to entertain friends and loved ones. If you have a small outdoor cooking area you can choose to dine outside with the beautiful fairy lights twinkling away. Fairy lights come in a variety of designs and colors. Choose what appeals to you. These lights come in different shapes which when illuminated look classy. You have the option of going for small twinkling lights or large ball shaped ones. The option are endless.


Looking for seating idea for your pergolas? Why not go for a swing?  Swings are a fun way of enjoying the outdoor space. It’s just as loved by adults as by children. Rock yourself to sleep or curl upon the swing and enjoy a good book. There are just so many things you can do. There are a variety of sings available at various furniture stores in Adelaide. Just take your pick from any of those and you are good to go. You can even choose to place a hammock. It’s all up to you and what you prefer.

Add planters

Plants can also be a great way to decorate pergolas. You can choose hanging garden made from vines and creepers. You should try to color a few pots and place some plants in those for a welcoming and beautiful look.

Place beautiful outdoor furniture

You can turn the pergola into a pretty little outdoor living area by throwing in a few comfy wicker chairs and tables. Choose something soft and inviting made from natural material. Forget glass table tops or anything too ostentatious. Instead focus on comfort and make the space look inviting.

Keeping all these above mentioned tips in mind would help you decorate the pergola to the best of its advantage. For more information do contact Home Style Living.