Custom House Builders

Custom House Builders

The idea of constructing and designing a house that is unique or different from what is usual is not something new to seasoned realtors and home developers all over the world. Many innovations were tried and tested over the years, and it gained appreciation and approval from those who really stick to the idea of reshaping, redesigning and or refurbishing both the interior and exterior parts of their individual homes.

However, this reality did not stop custom house builders to upgrade and step up with their products and services in the world of real estate. How did they go about it? The answer is simple. Apart from conquering the competition in the market, they made certain that what they give their clients is something worth more than appreciation. Building a customised house becomes a legacy when it is affordable and environment-friendly.

Going for a safe and healthy living environment

When cities become dirty, polluted and overcrowded, the best option would be building a custom house close to nature. Selling a property in the outskirts of a suburban area calls for an advocacy to preserve and protect the gifts and resources of Mother Nature. Planting of young trees and utilising wood as an option for concrete homes becomes a unique perspective of individual accountability to give back what was taken from our natural resources.

Implementing the reuse, reduction and recycling of useful garbage to build affordable homes

Custom made houses do not need to be expensive unless someone has a thick pocket. Consider, for example, the use of melted and recycled plastic bottles and paper boxes combined with a little amount of sand and cement in order to come up with a handy and lightweight wall cover reinforcements. The innovation does not only discourage moisture from being absorbed inside your home’s interior but also discourages humidity and precipitation from emitting warm air which could greatly improve ventilation.

The birth of prefabricated home designs and structure

Considering the land area, the general floor plan, including water and electricity outlets and other important dimensions, a custom-built house could be standing strong in a matter of one to two hours. How is this possible? Accurate and precise measurements are taken and recorded promptly in advance before manufacturing or fabricating the necessary components that make up the overall housing structure. Moreover, it follows the procedure of attaching or simply connecting the top, bottom and the sides of every corner similar to the principle of combining the male and female electrical plug. Once all the components are complete and intact, finishing touches are applied, and the prefab house will now be ready for occupancy.  The innovation certainly would save time, money and labour.

The use of computer software in customising and building houses 

Vivere Home Builders also rely on computer technology like the ACAD or Auto Computer-Aided Design Software in producing or coming up with custom-made houses for their clients and customers. Though the process is not that user–friendly, complex steps and procedures result in satisfying the desired house design of would-be homeowners.

Suggested miscellaneous designs for custom made houses

  • Gigantic animal head with jaws or mouth open that is applicable in an apartment’s facade or in a residential entrance
  • Mushroom and umbrella type chimneys, rooftops or attic designs
  • A long and winding stairs resembling a tornado
  • A closet type door or windows